About us

We are cool guys!

Travelling has always been a part of us. This is how it is, you cannot decide otherwise. It is a
strong bong between us. We thought a lot, again and again to try to find a common point
which will bond all human beings; a bond to every culture and all nations. We thought of art
at first, but as true as all societies are having a form of art, they all have totally different way
to express it and to use it. We needed something more universal; something meaning the
same for every man and woman; something primary.

The solution was actually so easy, just here, so obvious: cooking. We then started talking a bit about our respective travels, and of course we spoke of the local food. It was fascinating to see how we were each time amazed by the traditional habits and customs, and their incredible flavor. We realised it was the same feeling for visitors in France, or even for a French person visiting a different region with its own culinary specialities. Who never wished in the middle of the winter to eat a good cheese fondue, or when the heat hits to enjoy a fresh pesto?

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