Bored with easy cooking?

Hugo and Lucas decided to risk their own lives to bring you something new, something original: something extraordinary. Typical and traditional recipes, adapted for the use of  our everyday ingredients. Hitchhiking, going through extreme paths, they will deliver day after day, recipes coming straight from very bottom of the cauldrons.

How does it work?

It’s actually quite simple!

Throughout their peregrination, our two Indiana Jones, will keep updated a diary. A diary relating their panting trip, and its unbearable suspense, on “Going Up The Country” as musical background; from Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. This diary, more than just acting as guideline, will be filled and even overflowed by recipes gathered along the way.

Obviously, you won’t have to bear 3 or 4 hours of reading, as in their magnanimity, Hugo and Lucas thought of adding a recipes tab, which will gather them all. Just go explore the different tabs of the menu.

Get to your kitchen! And enjoy the trip!

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Le roi Salomon. David. Israël. Palestine. Chrétiens, musulmans et Arméniens. Ici tout se mêle, s'enchevêtre, se côtoie. Le passé, le présent, et l'avenir.

Meal of the day

Un plat végétarien, qui prouve que même sans viande on se régale !
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Peoples meet
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